17 mayo, 2024

    Atika travel’s Guide to Inti Raymi Festivities in Peru for 2024

    Overview: Dive into the essence of Inti Raymi, Peru’s grandest celebration of Incan culture and tradition, slated for June...

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    16 mayo, 2024

    Peruvian Festivals to Experience in 2024

    Peruvian festivals, steeped in its rich history and diverse traditions, present a plethora of cultural experiences. These celebrations, deeply...

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    30 abril, 2024

    Valuable facts you must know about the Incas

    Are you intrigued by the rich history and culture of the Incas? Journey through the legacy of the Incas...

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    inca trail

    29 abril, 2024

    Sacred Valley of the Incas: 5 tips for exploring its splendor

    It’s often assumed that the only must-visit destination in Cusco is Machu Picchu. However, there are numerous places to...

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    26 abril, 2024

    Discover 8 main reasons to choose Peru as your family vacation

    Embarking on a memorable family vacation is well within reach, especially when you consider the remarkable allure of Peru....

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    25 abril, 2024

    Why you should visit Vinicunca, the majestic rainbow mountain?

    Deep in the Andes, a short drive southwest of Cuzco, lies an impressive mountain, often called Rainbow Mountain. Although...

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    21 agosto, 2023

    What is recommended to bring during the journey to the Inca Trail?

    Have you ever dreamed of exploring the mysterious paths of the ancient Incas? As you know trekking the legendary...

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