Three beautiful places together in Peru, the luxury and personalized southern route that is Machu Picchu, the highest navigable lake in the world «Lake Titicaca» and the «Colca Canyon» one of the deepest on the planet.

After a short stay in Lima, they will take the flight to the historical capital of Peru located in the Andean highlands, with innumerable archaeological riches and history, where they will have the opportunity to visit each of the places with the accompaniment of a guide. , which will lead you on your adventure to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, which is the main reason for your trip.

Your experience continues by visiting the Ruta del Sol, a beautiful view of the landscape, and an important Temple of the god Wiracocha, the walk through the waters of Lake Titicaca located in the highlands of Peru and the Colca Canyon, during the trip you will be able to observe flora and fauna; within them the overflight of the giant Andean Condor.

  • You will visit a typical craft center, where you can appreciate the weaving process and also the breeding of camelids.
  • You will be able to appreciate the customs and traditions of each Andean town and the delight of its gastronomy.
  • The mixture of the three eras marked within history that are the pre-Inca, Inca and Colonial, where you will have the accompaniment of the personalized tour in each visit.
  • The impressive visit to the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and always accompanied by our expert guides and connoisseurs of the History of Peru.
  • Get to know the route of the sun, an important place for our ancestors with an interesting visit to a Small Sistine Church.
  • Get to know the highest navigable lake in the world, its people and its traditions
  • The demonstration of the gastronomy of Peru in the best recognized restaurants.
  • The beauty of the volcanic landscapes and the walk of the llamas and vicuñas within their natural habitat in the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca.
  • The deepest canyon in Peru «In the Colca Valley» with a beautiful flight of the Condors.
  • The White City of Arequipa with a dominant Misti Volcano.
  • Demonstration of Peruvian gastronomy in the best recognized restaurants.
  • For a pleasant stay, in luxury accommodations, duly selected during your personalized stay in the south of Peru


After completing immigration controls, go to the exit gate where our ATIKA staff will be waiting for you with a sign indicating your name, they will drive you in a private transport directly to your hotel; since after a very long trip you will need a well-deserved rest, so you can relax and fill yourself with energy, before your flight to the city of Cusco in the morning.

This day in the morning we will pick you up from your hotel in Lima for your flight to the city of Cusco. The flight lasts 45 min. at 1 hour.

The guide will be waiting for you at the Cusco airport, you will go along the route of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, during the journey you will be able to appreciate the beautiful snow-capped mountains and the towns that are along the way. We will arrive at a typical artisan center, where you will be able to appreciate the demonstration and the process of weaving in a natural way, the raising of the auquénidos, you will visit the ruins of Pisac that stands out imposingly at the entrance, surrounded by its beautiful platforms.

They will have their lunch in a restaurant in the Sacred Valley, prepared with typical ingredients of the area and above all the warm attention of the hosts. They will visit the craft market of Pisac and the central square. In the afternoon we will settle you in your hotel in the Sacred Valley for a well-deserved rest.

The guide will stop by your hotel in the morning to continue exploring the Sacred Valley, visiting an archaeological site with circular agricultural platforms that is Moray, it has a temperate and dry climate, it is surrounded by mountains, and beautiful farming landscapes. They will visit the salt mines, where you can appreciate the natural output of salt from an underground mountain, which day by day is the route of said mineral, the locals make wells to retain the liquid salt until it solidifies, its natural color of each well makes the place admired.

They will be driven together with the guide to the restaurant located in the Sacred Valley, so that they can enjoy a delicious buffet lunch.Our last visit of the day will be the archaeological site of Ollantaytambo, one of the most important places on the tour, you will be able to appreciate its temples, its impressive architecture, each important site in a strategic place. At the end of the tour, you will be escorted by the guide to your hotel for your well-deserved rest.

In the morning the guide with the transport will pick you up to drive you to the Ollanta station, you will take the Vistadome train with a panoramic view, so you can enjoy the landscape and the entrance to the edge of the jungle, the Vilcanota river that will accompany you throughout the route to the town of Machu Picchu, the view of a part of the Inca Trail and the beautiful terraces that decorate the entire landscape.

The guide will be there to assist you throughout the tour. They will take the bus up to the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and will have the tour in the citadel. After the tour, they will go to take the bus down to the town, then they will have lunch in one of the best restaurants and they will have one more experience in the afternoon touring the small town and at night they will stay in one of the hotels. of luxury of the town of Machu Picchu.

After a break and enjoying the hotel services, the guide will pick you up and drive you to the Station to take the return train. They will travel the same route again observing the beautiful landscape and the services they have on board the train. Arriving at the Ollanta Station, our transport will be waiting for you to take you to have lunch in a country restaurant in the Sacred Valley.

Our last visit will be the archaeological site of Chinchero and a textile center, likewise, you will be able to appreciate the elaboration of their fabrics with ancestral techniques that they still maintain. The arrival in the city of Cusco will be in the afternoon, they will take a break at their hotel until the next day.

Continuing with the itinerary, in the morning our guide and transportation will go through your hotel to take you to the Temple of the Sun «Qoricancha» which is located within the city of Cusco,
Then you will be driven out of the city to visit one of the most impressive fortresses of the Inca Culture «Sacsayhuaman» famous for having a zigzagging construction with gigantic rocks.

Continuing with the tour, they will visit the archaeological site of Qenqo, a place that served as a ceremonial shrine, special and important for the Andean culture, always with the accompaniment of your personalized guide.
Finally, you will have lunch in the city and at the end, you will be taken to your hotel.

This day in the morning the guide and the transport will pass by the hotel, to continue with the route of the sun, during the trip the bus will make stops at the important places of the route and with the accompaniment of your personalized guide.

The first visit will be the Temple of the Little Sistine which is located in the town of Andahuaylillas, here we will be able to appreciate the beautiful mural paintings of our indigenous artists, with amazing themes, we will continue with the trip until the next stop which is the archaeological site of Raqchi, which is a place surrounded by houses and Inca temples dedicated to Wiracocha, the creator God of the world according to many Andean cultures. After having visited and contemplated the landscape of the southern route, we will make a stop to enjoy a buffet lunch, with local ingredients.

The adventure continues, we will board the private transport to be driven to the limit of the two cities of Cusco and Puno called La Raya, there we will be able to appreciate a beautiful snow-capped mountain and some camelids that are raised by the residents and finally as the bus progresses, We will be able to appreciate in the background the highest navigable lake in the world that is Titicaca, decorating the entire landscape of the city of Puno.

We start the tour with the accompaniment of a personalized guide, who will lead you to the port of Puno to take the boat. The first visit will be to the floating island of Uros, a place that stands out for the artificial elaboration of the island based on reeds, as well as an ancient community from pre-Inca times.

Continuing with the tour, we will board the boat to make the last visit to the largest and most solid Island of Lake Titicaca that is Amantani, upon arrival, you will be received by the local families of the island, where you will have the opportunity and experience to meet their customs; They will have a lunch prepared with the native ingredients of the place. In the afternoon you will be driven to the hotel to take a break.

The adventure along the southern route continues, transportation and the guide will pick you up from the hotel in the morning. You will travel through a beautiful typical landscape of the mountains, where you will be able to appreciate the flora and fauna during the trip.

They will have a stop to enjoy a delicious lunch in the open air with a view of the mountains, continuing with the trip, they will enter the route of the volcanoes, where they will be able to appreciate the rock formations and the most outstanding view of the National Reserve. of Salinas and Aguada Blanca, which is in charge of protecting the vicuñas, which is a representative camelid of the wealth of Peru and always with the assistance of the personalized guide.

We will descend towards the Colca Canyon and you will be able to appreciate the beautiful valley, finally, you will arrive at the town of Yanque where your luxury hotel is located, which has been exclusively reserved so that you can enjoy all its services and most importantly so that you can take a relaxing bath. in its hot springs that will make your stay more pleasant.

Very early in the morning the transport and the personalized guide will go through your hotel to pick you up and drive you to the viewpoint of the condors where you will have an experience of being able to closely observe the largest flying bird on the planet that is the Andean Condor, our transport will take you will be waiting to descend and visit some typical towns of the Colca Valley area, where the protagonists are women; since they show their beautiful colorful clothes that are based on embroidery.

You can enjoy a lunch with typical ingredients of the area in an exclusive restaurant. In the afternoon we will continue the direct trip to the White City of Arequipa and at night you will be escorted to your carefully chosen hotel for a nice stay.

After having enjoyed the services of the luxury hotel, the transportation and always the accompaniment of the guide who will assist you during your visit to the city of Arequipa, will lead you to visit important places among them we have the Monastery of Santa Catalina, which makes its construction attractive based on ashlar of different colors, in addition to the Cathedral that is located in the central square and the local market of Arequipa. All afternoon they will have free time…of course…always with the guide’s suggestion.

The guide will pick you up from his hotel to take you to the airport and say goodbye to all of you. Since he accompanied you throughout your stay in the city of Cusco.


  • Organization of the personalized itinerary.
  • Staff at each arrival point to assist you.
  • The excursions and activities that we mention in the itinerary.
  • Most of the meals according to the itinerary.

Not include

  • International flights.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Unspecified food.
  • Tips.

Atika committed to providing quality service and luxury has carefully chosen each of the hotels and restaurants to enjoy an unforgettable stay!
Our trained staff throughout the organization of your personalized and luxury tour will help you choose the best hotels



Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights

Location: Cusco

People: min. 2

Price from : $ 00.00






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